Ebola-Proof Your Being


Ready to protect your loved ones, and begin taking your own seriously? Ready to -proof your being? A good way to start is by looking back to how our ancestors ate, before foods were excessively available and processed. The¬†Immunity-Boosting “Stone Age” will set you on one of the best courses you can possibly choose to fare well in this modern day.

Approved “Stone Age” Foods to Eat

fish and seafood
small game (e.g. rabbit, chicken)
bison (buffalo meat)
seeds and nuts (whole, without salt)
lots of fruits (including figs)
lots of vegetables (including beans)
lots of water (eight to 10 glasses per day)
whole grains such as barley, bulgar, oat bran, corn bran, rice, millet, buckwheat, and rye
tubers (potatoes and sweet potatoes)
small amounts of plain cereal grains
honey – the only sweetener allowed
shoots and roots
edible leaves and flowers
lean red meats (sparingly)

Foods to Avoid

all fried foods
dairy products, including milk
packaged foods (especially with preservatives)
candy, cake, donuts, etc.
other foods with high fat and calorie content
potato chips, corn chips, crackers, and other snack foods
all fast foods

In summary, the goal is to eat an abundance of natural, wholesome food with few or no chemical additives (organic). Keep track of what you eat on a dietary record, if it is helpful. And, why not do one more thing our ancestors did? Exercise, by walking or running outside each day. The combination of wholesome, low-fat foods and daily, vigorous exercise will truly make a difference in your life!

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